Established in 2004, Hongkongcard.com is a home-grown online aggregator site providing information on comparing different financial products. We started initially in offering credit card comparisons, enjoyed quite a reputation, and is now expanded proactively to other business scopes, including loan, travel and medical insurance, banking account, Securities and mortgage referral services, etc, Our goal is to build HongKongCard into an one-stop financial products Supermarket, where anyone can find what they want financially!

One-stop online platform

We understand that in the digital world, convenience is the new loyalty. The easy and user-friendly comparison portal on our website allows users to compare different products at fingertip; The mobile app allows users to get notified with the latest privileges and redeem incentives hassle-free; The interactive discussion forum is an excellent place for users to exchange thoughts and ask relevant questions; Users can also stay abreast of the latest news via our social media Facebook.

We work with leading institutions in HongKong

We have established decade-long partnerships with some of the leading institutions in HongKong, such as HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, DBS, Bank of China, etc. While continuously strengthening the existing partnership, our partner portfolio grows with new product launches, including insurance companies, such as AXA, PingAn, Bowtie, etc. The partner portfolio is expected to grow continuously with aggressive business expansion.

We gather latest financial related and lifestyle trends and

We provide our users abundant information on the latest trends and educational articles on financial products; We understand that finance is sometimes an overwhelming subject, so we convey these complicated finance concepts via layman languages to be easily understood by users, so as to supplement their knowledge on different financial products with the aim to assist them in the decision-making process.

We are a team of passionate endeavours

The team has extensive experiences in managing digital platforms and working with financial products. The aim for all the hard work behind is to offer users timely, accurate, and product and contents in the user’s interests. All the channels are self-owned and operated.

Social Media Marketing

We are specialist in social media marketing. We have capacity to identify effective social media strategies, develop and execute comprehensive social media campaigns to achieve desired goals.

Online Advertising

As one of the largest online and mobile platforms in Hong Kong , CC Information Limited provides various and tailor-made online advertising services.


All about credit card information, seasonal, ad-hoc privileges, welcome offers and news report in Hong Kong. Audience can locate and serach their desired information in a user-friendly interface and function.


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